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I thought I would do this a little different than most of your follow ups & let Petey do the talking. Hope you enjoy it.

My name is Petey. I got a new human officially on December 20th but we met weeks earlier & liked each other right away. Now 4 weeks later I still can’t seem to get rid of this goofy smile. I have a new brother that wrestles with me every day & shows me how to be a good boy.

I’m not sure my human knows my name. He is always calling me Buddy or Goofy or Stinker. He only uses that last one when I get into something that’s bad for me.

My home has food all the time & I can eat whenever I want. There are also chewy things & these biscuit things I get when I go potty outside. It is warm all the time. I have 2 beds on the floor, a couch & my favorite spot, on the recliner with my human. I get petted all the time & let me tell you a belly rub is a wonderful thing.

I now have this place called a yard that has all these great smells & I get to explore it as much as I want. I’m always finding something new.

At night we all sleep together in my human’s bed. When I’m cold I get to get under the covers & snuggle up against my human or my brother.

My life might have started out kind of rough & I’m not a perfect dog yet but my human says I’m the perfect dog for him. All I can say is I like it here with my new pack & finally I know one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am home!