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Hi there!  We are loving our rambunctious little addition to the family and she just seems to be right at home right from the start.  We did change her name after we got to know her personality and between the 4 grandkids and the 3 moms and dads we decided she was “Phoebe”.  It seems to fit her.  She love love loves when the grandkids come over. She likes the attention they give her and looks for them after they leave.

Our other cat Lilly seems to tolerate her great.  She’s used to just laying around with our other cat that was old and certainly didn’t do even a portion of the things that Phoebe does in a day. She manages to cover a lot of territory in the house that hardly got used since the kids moved out.  Lol

Anyway, here’s a few photos of her hanging out.

Thanks for all you do!!!

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