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I am very happy to say that we LOVE Phoebe and things with her are going along very well. She has responded well and quickly to training thus far, while her fuller character continues to unfold and surprise us. She’s a very attentive and funny girl with a loving and wonderful personality. She’s starting to meet her extended family who also adore her. Last Friday she went to Grantsburg Vet to be spayed. All went well with that, she is recovering very nicely, and is now getting her spunk back. Our biggest hurdle has been to get her and our 14 yr. old cat Michael to sort out a happy, healthy relationship. While they both seemed to like that idea, Phoebe’s level of youthful enthusiasm and showing affection can be a bit over the top. We totally separated them the first few days, then took turns with one of them in a kennel while the other roamed free, to kind of acclimate them to one another. Since the surgery Phoebe has been much less rambunctious and they are learning to get along quite nicely. Hopefully that will feel normal once her body is fully recovered and back to her old self! As of today Phoebe has been with us for six weeks and we’re all quite happy with that arrangement.