Thank you for following up on Poppy. I have kept her name as is. I don’t know how well you knew her but I understood she’d had a rather difficult life prior to being brought to you and that she was very shy and been returned after a prior adoption lasting three months as she almost never came out from under the adopter’s bed.

I am trying very hard to gain her trust. She is a very sweet kitty and I love her dearly. I have tried a number of approaches to help with the bonding process. Initially, I had her only in my bedroom and its attached bathroom. I read online about ‘shy kitties’ and so took advice about playing classical music for her! I think it was soothing for both of us! Initially, if I came within six feet of her she’d run and hide (perhaps she was aware of social distancing?) She was very good about using her litter box and had a good appetite. I’ve sat on the floor and tried to get her accustomed to me. I talk to her quite a lot so she is used to my voice. I started putting treats and toys closed to me in hopes she would associate me with good things! The treats in particular have been helpful. Very gradually, we have progressed to where she will literally eat them out of my hand! But she still runs if I try to pet her. Another positive is that she no longer hides when she sleeps. She will get up on the couch while I am in the chair right next to it and sleep just fine. And I can almost always walk right past her without her running away. She seems to like to be in proximity to me most of the time. One odd thing, is that she likes my cell phone! If I’m doing FaceTime or Zoom with someone and turn the camera so they can see her and she them, she literally walks right up to the device!

I will have had her for four weeks this Friday. If she never lets me interact more closely with her, so be it. I’m just glad she is safe and seems contented. I know she is 12 years old and may not change her ways much more than she has and if so, that is alright. But I am still hopeful. The only thing that concerns me is that she still has diarrhea. I introduced her current food (Iams Proactive Health) with her original food from the shelter gradually and thought perhaps it was more a result of her being nervous. Is there something you can suggest?  I can’t pick her up yet and would not like to force the interaction needed to get her into the carrier right now unless I absolutely have to.

I’ll send you a photo separately as I can’t figure out how to get it from my phone to my laptop! Technology is not my strong suit!

All the best!