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Hi everybody my name is Rio. I came from Denison Texas. My hooman didn’t want me anymore & surrendered me to the local pound. Some nice people got me out of there and sent me up to Wisconsin. At the Burnett County Humane Society I met many nice hoomans but no one took me home. Then one day this big guy came in and talked to me, he played with me & gave me some wonderful treats. Then we went for a walk & I found out he already had a pup named Petey. He looked a lot like me. They were both really nice. To my surprise they asked me if I wanted to go home with them. Heck ya I do! I had a new hooman, a new brother, a new house…life was finally good. Little did I know at the time, it was going to get even better! I now have toys, food, 2 wrestling partners, treats & all the belly rubs, pets and scratches a dog could ever want. I even get to sleep in a nice bed with Petey & my hooman. My hooman laughs alot & sometimes calls me Meathead, he says it’s a term of endearment (whatever that is! Oh well as long as he’s happy I’m ok with it.) He is teaching me to be a good boy but never gets made when I make a mistake. Petey helps me too, when he’s not being annoying. My life was kinda tough in Texas, I have the scars to prove it. But life in Wiscosin is pretty great. Could someone explain this cold white stuff to me? I never saw it in Texas. Anyway, I sure like it here & my hooman says I’m here forever. So I’ll try to be good. Now if you’ll excuse me, my hooman’s home & I need to go jump on him & give him hugs & kisses.