We adopted Cheeto, but changed his name to Rishi. He didn’t take long at all to get comfortable with our 2 adult kitties (both from HSBC) and our rescue dog, Layla. His first and most favorite “toy” or play thing is Layla’s tail. He plays with it several times a day, every day. Layla (5 years old) has always been a very polite, well behaved dog but Rishi has helped her find her “inner puppy!” We’ve never seen her play like she does with Rishi. He is working on becoming closer friends with the 2 adult kitties and they are more interested every day.

He is a sweet cuddler and his purr motor works only on “loud.”

Rishi is a terrific addition to our mostly quiet household. Our granddaughters can’t wait to play with him when they come for the Christmas holidays.

We are so in love with Rishi and we really appreciate all the staff and volunteers at HSBC.