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Update on Ron,

We did not change his name although he does often gets called the more formal “Ronald” as well.

Ron showed up with a cool demeanor and some tricks up his sleeve. My other two cats tried to haze him a bit in the beginning but it didn’t faze him. Soon my OG cats were trying to follow in Rons footsteps.

You see, Ron is a bit rebellious compared to these city cats he was now living with. Ron knew how to open cupboards, he jumped up on counters, he found treats and chewed through the bag to get them. He wasn’t much of a rule follower. And my city cats were fascinated. Within days we caught them in organized classroom like settings, first the cats watched Ron open the cupboard, and then they took turns trying it. We knew our lives were forever changed.

He was also the first cat brave enough to face out new puppy when he came home a week after we adopted Ron. This gave our other cats the courage to face the pup too which helped a lot! He does get annoyed of the dogs squeaky toys though, and we often find them hidden under the bed in a room only cats can access….hmmmmm.

But along with his little rebellions he’s also the sweetest cat. Ron somehow knows when any human has laid down in the house and he quickly finds them to lay directly on top of them. He sleeps on us all night. And he has lumberjack log roll champion abilities too, it doesn’t matter how much you toss and turn, he’s still on top of you.

He loves hanging out under the bed, under the couch, and on the dining room chair when he isn’t on top of someone. He also loves sitting by open windows, and going outside with his brothers.

Overall we love having Ron with us and he fit right in. We think he enjoys it here too.

Thank you to everyone at the HSBC for being so awesome when we were adopting Ron and Cody.

I attached some photos, one of Ron being Ron, and the other of him with his brothers (he’s the middle one).