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We are doing fantastic! Roscoe is still Roscoe.The training collar & lots of love have worked wonders on leash manners. I almost don’t need the leash! The 1st pic shows how good he is when we run errands. He knows the ladies at the bank have treats for him. 2nd pic is him enjoying a “chewy”  he knows the word, he runs to the cupboard where they’re kept AND he gets excited when he sees me come home with yellow bags bedside he knows there’s treats in them. I’m guessing he wasn’t brushed before because he didn’t like it much at 1st. Gentle voice & persistence…he relaxed & oh wow this is GOOD! Lol. I brushed enough out to make a small dog & he still didn’t want me to stop.

He’s so smart, so eager to please, so sweet!  We’ve gotten into our routines. Very happy with each other! Life is good!