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Flora is now “Rosie.” She is a sweetheart and is learning to be a good dog. I take her once a week to dog school and do obedience training. We walk at least twice a day and when I can manage it, three times. She has a half an acre of yard to play in and loves to fetch her ball. She is very patient with the kids loving her, which I appreciate. She is my special buddy and follows me all over the house. She knows how to sit, lay, wipe paws, sit up, roll and crawl. She heels most of the time, but gets excited when we are on our way home. She is a little naughty, she jumps on the counters to look for food. I am working hard to stop this behavior. She also sometimes gets over-excited playing with the kids and gets too rough. I am so thankful that we were¬†chosen to be Rosie’s owners. We look forward to all the outdoor activities for every season we get to do with her. I am excited for her to experience her first snow. Took her to the doctor and she is very healthy.