I was very happy to receive your e-mail! The former Pixie is now known as Roxie; my husband and I felt that she was a bit too hefty to actually be a Pixie, and Roxie seems to suit her very well. One of the reasons we chose that name, besides the fact that it sounds similar to Pixie, is that is rhymes with “moxie,” which is something that she definitely has a LOT of!  She is so very curious about everything, and never passes up an opportunity to look out of a window. (Actually, she did the same thing in the room where we did our original meet and greet at the shelter, so that habit came as no surprise.) Roxie has settled into our home quite nicely. She is a bit disappointed that her 20 year old cat sister does not want to play with her, but she enjoys teasing our slightly goofy Australian Shepherd, who is always up for a game. She loves to find toys and enjoys playing with them, but only if she discovers them herself – apparently she finds the cat toys that are specifically given to her to be just a bit boring. My husband and I both do some work from home on the computer, and Roxie always makes herself extremely helpful while we are working by pressing random keys on the keyboard and chasing the mouse. She always strives to get to the highest point in any room or area. When you hold her in your arms, she is always looking up to see if she can get to an even higher spot. Two of the three pictures that I have attached demonstrate this. The cabinet that she is sitting on top of is above our refrigerator! The white painted boards you see in the photos are actually our kitchen ceiling. Roxie loves to sit there and supervise everything that is going on. Scott and I have definitely been enjoying her antics, and are so happy to welcome her into our household.