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Roz, formally Mama Cat, settled in quite well. She loves to just sit on me and sleep. She doesn’t like her nails clipped and they’re like needles. And she loves to chase my toes under the covers and sink those “needles” into them. Emmitt, formally Tiger, is VERY shy. He likes me and is very friendly and playful with me. But as soon as he hears the door, he runs and hides in his room. When there’s other people over, he won’t come out until they’re gone.

One thing I found misleading from the description on these two cats was that they were surrendered together. That made me think they were bonded and should be adopted together. But that’s not the case. Roz doesn’t like Emmitt at all and hisses whenever he comes close to her. And he really needs another younger cat, so he has a playmate. The ad also said they were both good with kids. Roz will tolerate my young granddaughter on occasion. But other than not scratching her, she’s not really good with young kids anyway. Emmitt has never come out of his room when she, or anyone else has been here, so I don’t know about him.

So if you have any suggestions on how to get Roz to tolerate Emmitt, or to help Emmitt over his skittishness, I’d really appreciate it.