Hi Pam. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I’m actually driving back home from Milwaukee. Trying to beat the weather. I will send an update and pics as soon as I can. Ruby is such a sweet girl. We are so happy that she adopted us!

It’s Ruby the blur! As you can see, Ruby is doing great! It is hard to get pictures and videos of her because she is constantly moving, but I caught a couple. Yesterday was the first time I let her run off leash (she has the nose of a tracking dog and I wasn’t sure how that would go) and she had so much fun zooming around in the snow, hopping in and coming up covered in it. She really is just a big puppy. She celebrated her second birthday last week and we were so happy that she was here, with us, to do that. Ruby has made many friends, two and four legged, and no longer views the Chihuahua as a toy. We are blessed to be the family that she adopted. We sure love her!

Ruby 3