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In October we adopted our second dog from HSBC. Ryder was the littermate of our other dog Cali (originally Joan of Arc). He had been adopted as a puppy to an elderly couple who were not able to care for him. We adopted this one as we were very happy with Cali. After having her genetics done, we realized that all five breeds of dog who were her ancestors (Labrador, Siberian Husky, English Setter, Border Collie and Weimaraner) don’t like being left alone. So when we found out her brother had been returned to HSBC, we decided to adopt him.

The two have adjusted reasonably well. While Ryder is 20 pounds heavier, Cali has become the dominant dog. They are still working through some of their exuberance. Ryder has been getting trained (he has finally learned “down” and is starting to learn “come”). He seems to be increasing his endurance as we believe he is much more active with us than with his prior owners. We walk him between 4-6 miles every day and he has done 11 miles in a single day already (while Cali has walked up to 21 during this time as I work on completion of the Ice Age Trail). He has slimmed down 3 pounds as well. The new dog is better with our cats as well. Overall, we are very happy with this adoption.

Thanks for being a great community resource. We received great service and support from all the staff.