Samoa, who was Hope, is adjusting well. Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been waiting to get a good picture of all of us before I responded (which still needs to happen). She LOVES food. She tries to stealthily come up to us while we are eating and tries to grab our food or sometimes even lay on bags of food and claim them as her own. We have bird feeders outside our room and Samoa loves to watch them and tap at the window to get their attention. She’s not the biggest cuddler, but she’s warming up to sleeping on our bed and brushes up against our legs constantly to get our attention. We are still getting used to her wanting to be up, when we are going to bed. Hopefully in time she will adjust to our sleeping routine more. She also has an odd fascination with sniffing our feet and biting our toes. My parents’ dog is adjusting quite well to her. My brother’s cat is still hesitant. Over time though I think that will change. Thank you for checking in on us. Here’s a picture from when we first adopted her.