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Thank you so much to the burnett county humane society and their wonderful staff! Thanks to them our two new kitties Scraps, formally Studley, before then Dudley, and Cephas, formally known as Tinker, had a smooth and very quick transition into our home. Scraps had a new name change after Studley because as we learned his personality, we learned we could NOT prevent him from eating everything in sight. We have to cover every meal immediately, constantly push him away from the childrens food, and even stand guard as the coffee pot is filling up because he considers all fair game! He also loves water. He is sure to be anyone’s companion in the bath or shower.

Cephas is our snuggle buddy. He has a blankie he kneads and suckles above mamas pillow and that’s where he sleeps at night. During the day he naps in Jace’s bed.  He also loves when mom puts her hair in a ponytail or bun, because it becomes the main attraction and he bats at it endlessly!

Where the family is, the kitties are, and I love watching the entourage follow when I go up or down the stairs. Our Nerm cat, who we have had for 5 yrs, is now coming around as well. She sleeps next to Scraps and eats with him, and today I caught her grooming Cephas. So all is well. And that’s a little inside look on the new lives of Scraps and Cephas, thanks for asking!