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Sherekahn (Justice)

Spoke to Marlene (the new parent of Justice). Justice is now known as Sherekahn, which means “tiger king.”

Marlene says: “He is fat and sassy. He’s magnificent. He’s a wonderful companion. He’s entertaining. He’s just a dear. I love him very much. He’s very active. He can jump so high, it scares you. He’s turning into a little cougar. He climbs up on the top of the refrigerator to get to the cupboards. With the first snow, he went crazy and was trying to bat at the snowflakes through my screen and made a little hole in the screen. I do guard him very closely. When meals on wheels come, I give him a treat in the bathroom until my meal arrives. When I die, Gigi stands next in line.” (Gigi is her granddaughter from California who helped pick him out at the shelter.) Marlene said that Sherekahn has a home as long as she lives AND will have a home with Gigi when the times comes that it may be necessary.

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