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I have been so overjoyed that Sherman (formerly “Hiccup”) chose us to be his family – he is an incredible dog! We have had him just over three months, and it seems every day our love grows for him. He is learning what “toys” are and became a faster learner on what it means to retrieve sticks from the lake. His sister Maddie, the cat, and him are growing together every day.

Sherman is roughly eight years old, and we would highly recommend to anyone looking to rescue a pet to strongly consider a senior dog or cat – they have so much love to give and are generally already house trained and know a few tricks or two. They may need a bit more love and attention, depending on their previous living condition, but what love is given to them is returned ten-fold!

We are part of the “Look At Us Now” Facebook group, so you may run across posts about Sherman and his adventures!

Attached are a few photos of Sherman – please feel free to use any of these as you wish.