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You all did such a great job in making “Lyric”/now Snoopy a happy little 4 month old that we were able to adopt. When we brought her home she already knew how to sit and a few little tricks like someone had to have taught her how to shake as she did it the first time. Though afraid of larger dogs and most new people we are hoping she will get past this. Maybe in time even really enjoy the dog park and new dogs?

She no longer looks like a white lab, but is clearly a mostly great pyrenees with the extra long legs and silky hair. So beautiful and smart. Second meal eating out of one of those bowls that is supposed to slow them down eating she had had enough and tipped it over so she could gobble up the food. She loves a challenge and is one herself! I don’t know how long you had her and her brothers, but it is clear you helped her develop trust in people after she spends a bit of time with them and enjoyed teaching her.

Thank you all for making it possible for her to bring us so much joy!

Lyric, is now Snoopy. The name change is because she has such a sniffing “lab” nose. We were told she is a lab/great pyerenees mix.

Snoopy is easily 3X her adoption size now 2 months later, very tall and slender and her hair is so silky smooth ever prickers from the woodsy property slide off her. (What a gift, as our prior labs were always needing grooming.) Snoopy runs constantly when we are outside, probably at least 3 miles a day in the fields. We really don’t have to leash her unless we go to a dog park, etc. Unfortunately she is fearful of larger dogs and people. We are hoping since she got a late start in time she will be able to socialize more, but we have read that this should have occurred more by 4 months of age.

Snoopy has a sweet personality and is quite sensitive. Sometimes I wonder if she is going to be smarter than the humans she lives with as she solves puzzels and obstacle challenges I found on the internet really quickly. If someone has hints to prevent boredom please feel free to share.

I hope everyone out there is enjoying their dog as much as we love ours – puppy OOPS moments and all.