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Nancy, who is now Snort, is adapting. We are following the 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months sign. In 3 days she finally trusted us and figured out we weren’t leaving. In 3 weeks we had a routine down but it felt like bringing home a new baby and wasn’t easy. Now we are hoping in 3 months she trusts more and is less scared. It is so sad to step on a twig on a walk and she jumps, and we go for a ride she pancakes and we have to lift her in the truck. She is worth all the work!!  Absolutely the sweetest dog with lots of cuddles and kisses for us. Her favorite place is the couch and we can even leave her out of the kennel now during the day. We only come home to pile of slippers on the couch. We were concerned about our cat moose, but she runs the house and the doggie listens and leaves her alone when she tells her. She has her first vet appointment next week for her flea and tick meds and an introduction. Then we will be signing up for training lesson. In two weeks we are all taking our first vacation together, camping in the Ozarks! I will keep you all posted but thanks so much for all the tireless work as it helped this girl live a plushy life all dogs deserve!!!