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Sonora “Nora” Tipper


We fell in love with "Tipper" the first time I saw her on the site and immediately wrote - and called! - to find out about her.  We have renamed her Sonora (Nora).  She joined us a short time after we had adopted another rescue (Christina) from a private party and while we were thrilled with that kitten, we just felt like "someone was missing" so when we were approved for "Tipper" it was the end of our heart-search.   She is so funny!  While Christina was mellow and seldom got into things she shouldn't, Nora arrived and began to show her how much more fun it could be to investigate EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and if at all possible, tip it over, toss it around, hide it or eat it!  The two are so different in temperaments but they quickly adjusted and they get along really well.  While Christina is somewhat shy and hides when there is someone other than us here, Nora is feisty, independent and super curious about EVERYTHING; afraid of NOTHING!

I'm enclosing two pictures.  The first one is before Nora realized she had a forever home.  The second one tells the whole story of how much she knows she is loved and accepted as a wonderful and perfect member of our family.  We just adore her spunky little spirit and are so thankful that we were allowed to adopt her!  (Thank you!)

Nora 1
Nora 2

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