First off, thanks for all you do for the humane society! We are so thankful.

We adopted Millie (AKA Alpha) in March. We drove all the way from Ashland to get her because there were no kittens available that time of year. We had such a wonderful and easy experience we came back a couple months later and fell in love with a little guy that we fostered and sadly lost a month later to FIP. Again, the experience was so wonderful and heartfelt that we came back and adopted our Sunnie (AKA Dolly) a couple months later. All kittens at the time.

They are both so sweet and they came to us already quite well socialized so they fit in with our dogs in no time. Everyone that meets Miss Millie always comments how trusting she is because she turns into jelly and loves to be cradled in your arms. The coolest thing is that they love each other so much too. Thank you for all you do!!  We can’t imagine our family without them!