Hi Pam – Sylvia is fitting in just fine. Each day she is feeling more and more comfortable being with us – and our 4 year old cat Goldie. Goldie is also getting used to being the “older” cat and has become a little more playful.

I put a picture and story on my FB page – I will try to forward or share it with you – feel free to use it. I have never tried to send a FB page before (I’m low tech) so if you don’t get it – let me know and we can see about finding another method.

(She acts a LOT happier than what she looks in this picture). See my earlier email for an update from my Jan 5th FB posting:

Santa arrived early at our house. We got Sylvia the day before Christmas and I have been chasing her around to get a picture ever since. The staff at the Humane Society described her as “quirky”, definitely a plus for fitting in around here.

She is definitely a 2 year old – curious and checking out everything. She likes to play hide & seek, and tag, with Goldie – and when they do, watch out – they run all over the place! She’s not quite a lap cat – too much energy yet, but I’m working on her.