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Tootsie is living her best life over here!! She is very spoiled with lots of toys and blankets. Toots took a while to get used to the fact that this is her forever home, but now I think she understands fully that this is her place! Because she came up from Texas we are thinking this year was the first time seeing snow, and experiencing the frigid cold! She seems to love the snow, but if it’s too cold she’s running back inside to lay downstairs by our wood stove. She prefers to only play with her stuffed animal toys and has recently took interest in her tennis balls, but isn’t quite sure yet how fetch works.

Tootsie still LOVES to snuggle and always be close to one of us; she sleeps right between the two of us every night. I attached a bunch of pictures and videos. Please let me know that they worked and you are able to view them.

The video with fresh snow and day light was her first time seeing the snow!

If you need anything else please let me know!!

Video_1 Video