What can I say about Tootsie!? We absolutely adore her and I think she us. She is adapting well. Her favorite friend besides us humans is not, as we thought would be, our dog Charlie, but our black cat Bear! She will lick Bear and do the wiggle thing to try to get Bear to play with her.

She is pretty much ignored by our other two tom cats, once they figured out she is harmless when she walks into them. She easily figured out both front and back doors and will return to them when let out with Charlie and Bear. Bear will wait for Tootsie to come in before him.

She didn’t think much of her new plush dog bed. During the day she likes to sprawl out in the middle of the floor. At night she prefers the couch with a couple of pillows. She also loves to sit on laps. She is a good watch dog and between her and Charlie they can raise quite the ruckus.

Once visitors are in the house she acts like they are her best friends. Tootsie is friendly, cheerful, lovable and playful. She brings us so much joy. Like I say, we adore her and feel blessed we were chosen to be her forever family.