I just wanted to let you know that Fernie is doing amazing. I have taken him Kayaking, fishing, hunting, camping, etc… We do everything together. He has become such an amazing dog. He has developed his own personality and has become very obedient, loving, and confident. He even lays on the floor of my bathroom while I have a shower HAHA.

He got hit by a porcupine while we were in the woods. Don’t worry, we got the quills out, and he’s fine. After that incident I bought him a training collar so that he recalls immediately. He is the best dog I could have asked for.

Oh…he is a purebred Treeing Walker Coonhound by the way. I don’t know how he got to you, but he is a one in a million. Thanks again.

The picture is him in a fishing boat with me. Look how confident he looks.