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Winifred (Aries)

We renamed Aires & her name is Winifred. We call her Winnie. She is just a doll. Such an active & energetic adolescent kitty. Winnie is very bonded to us & to our 3 dogs as well. Everyone gets along. Our challenges are getting scratching of furniture under control & she persists at trying to get out with the dogs. We don’t allow that, but she continues to try. I believe that she is part of the pack & doesn’t understand why she can’t go with them.

Winnie has lots of toys to play with & loves to launch a sneak attack from her tunnels. She most often lays near by our 10 year old boxer.

She is also growing so fast. Winnie prefers to be petted when she eats, so she has a dish in her my office & my husband’s office. She is also very vocal & mews a lot when she needs more attention. We just love her & she is bonded with both of us.

I’ll attach some pictures so you can see how she is growing & enjoying being with us.

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