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I first met Zak when he and his 3 siblings arrived at the shelter at
just 4 weeks of age on September 4th of last year.  They became known as
the “Z” Gang.  I took them into my home and looked after them until they
were old enough to be adopted.  Each one of these 4 kittens were well
socialized, and got along great with my other cats and two dogs.
Frequently Zak would sit up on my shoulder and watch TV with me.  They
were all an absolute joy and I was happy to see them leave for their
forever homes.

Sadly that wasn’t to be for Zak.  After being adopted on December 9th he
was returned to the shelter on June 12th due to finally reacting to a
small child that kept bugging him.  I could see a change in his
personality.  He did get adopted briefly 4 days after returning but that
didn’t work out either.  It would break my heart to see Zak, who clearly
remembered and responded to me so I knew I couldn’t leave him so here we
are and he is back home with me.

It took a couple days, but his friendly loving personality has returned
and it’s like he never left.  What I have found out he was traumatized
and is terrified of small children and goes into hiding, fortunately
small children don’t visit me often.

Zak is almost 1 year old now, is a big boy and is a wonderful, loving
and curious kitty.  Open a cupboard or closet and he right there to
inspect, or bring in groceries and his head is in the bag checking to
see what I brought home.  He is truly a blessing and an amazing fellow –
what’s not to love!

2 pics – Zac when I was fostering him and Zac now!