We adopted pancake, who is now Zoey, and our lives are forever changed. Zoey is the perfect addition to our family. She is cuddly, playful and just a great kitty. She is spoiled rotten and expresses her gratitude with an abundance of snuggles and licks. She even finds her way under the blankets and will sleep curled up next to us and sometimes on us. When she decides it’s playtime, we know because she starts zooming around and playing with all her toys. She especially loves to play with her fishy on a stretchy string and jumps and flips to get it. She also enjoys her window bed, soaking up the sun and being up high to watch everything. During the day she keeps dad warm in his home office by sleeping on his lap and occasionally making sure he’s paying attention by walking over his keyboard. She also likes to jump attack our feet sometimes, but only if we are wearing socks and she’s not too rough. It’s almost as if she knows she can’t fully bite us but her toys get all her wrath. She is attached to the whole family. She takes turns getting scratches, snuggles and playtime with us all. You can count on her to be waiting at the door with her cute little meows when we come home. She’s just perfect. When we came to the humane society, we wanted to spend time with the kittens and see which one fit us best and I definitely know we picked right. After adopting her we found out her birthday is the same as mine, and that really sealed the deal letting us know she was destined for us. We are all gaga over Zoey because she makes us laugh with all her crazy cuteness and we all love snuggling her too. Thank you, Burnett County Humane Society!