About the Humane Society of Burnett County

Our Mission is to provide a safe haven for stray or unwanted animals, to foster the human-animal bond, to promote responsible pet ownership and to end pet overpopulation through spay/neuter.


Since 2000 the Humane Society of Burnett County has had a DREAM of a well designed, staff and energy efficient facility to allow us to fulfill our goals to RESCUE the unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats of  Burnett County, to REUNITE lost pets with their humans, to REHOME rescued dogs and cats in new adoptive and foster homes and to help our community RETHINK about pet ownership through programs like spay and neuter clinics, educational programming and community outreach.

For 18 years HSBC has been doing a pretty good job of accomplishing these goals out of our current shelter on Midtown Road, Siren. But the compound of temporary buildings, which sit on county-owned land, is very energy and staff inefficient and frequent repairs to the buildings and systems are draining our limited resources. Thanks to the vision and generosity of many the DREAM of a new facility is about to become a REALITY.  The Peggy Schilling Animal Adoption and Education Center at 7410 County Road D, Webster will double HSBC’s capacity to RESCUE, REUNITE, REHOME and RETHINK! Located on 22 acres of land, the 7,200 square foot former manufacturing building was purchased by HSBC in December 2017.  It is easily accessed from County Road D and SR 35, has great visibility and makes use of a building that has sat unused for years. The interior renovations are just about complete and we are beginning to move in starting June 10, 2019.

Funding for the renovation of the new facility was largely funded by a significant donation from Hugh Schilling in honor of his late wife Peggy Schilling – a great lover of animals and education. Mr. Schilling’s donation gets HSBC close to the finish line but we also need support from our community – full time and seasonal residents, businesses, any one who recognizes HSBC’s goals of RESCUE, REUNITE, REHOME and RETHINK are essential to the quality of life in Burnett County.

Your support of the DREAM to REALITY fundraising campaign is vital and all donations, no matter the size, are greatly appreciated and will be recognized. Naming and Memorial opportunities are being developed. You’ve been part of the DREAM and now we really hope you will be part of the REALITY.  For more information about Naming and Memorial opportunities please email  HSBC.dreamtoreality@gmail.com or call 715-349-2368 . Donations can be made through this website or by mail to PO Box 621, Webster WI 54893.

The Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization. We strictly thrive from donations, memberships and fundraising to keep our doors open and our animals well cared for. We receive no funding from the County or tax dollars.

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Our Policy Regarding Euthanasia

​There is much confusion over the term "No Kill." In the profession of animal sheltering, the term no kill has been replaced with the term "limited entry." Groups professing to be no kill normally will not accept an animal they know they can not place due to health, temperament or other reasons. HSBC accepts all stray dogs and cats brought to us. We never put down an animal to create space in the shelter nor do we place a time limit on the stay of an animal. If an animal is potentially dangerous to humans and other animals, or if it is ill and suffering and beyond help, we euthanize. To do otherwise would be inhumane.​  HSBC takes the decision to euthanize an animal very seriously.


About Us

The Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc.'s mission is to provide a safe haven for stray or unwanted animals, to foster the human-animal bond, to promote responsible pet ownership and to end pet overpopulation through spay/neuter.

Address: 7410 County Road D (corner of SR 35), Webster, WI 54893

Mailing: PO Box 621, Webster, WI 54893

Phone: 1-715-349-2368 (ADOPT)

Email: rescue.HSBC@gmail.com

License #  481546-DS

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