Arabella is thriving here! She is trying to get along with my other cat (also 14 years old) and doing very well! Arabella was very underweight when we brought her home and she has already gained a few small ounces!  Her fur was severely matted, but we were able to remove all of her matts and are waiting for her fur to grow back out (she’s looking pretty scraggly right now)!  She is sleeping nightly at the foot of my bed and every once in a while my other cat will join her in the far opposite corner.

My two college kids were home over Christmas for almost a month, and she easily adapted to them being around. You would never guess she is 14 years old as she plays just like a kitten! Whether it is a lazer pointer, some string, a felt mouse or just a wad of tape (yep, her favorite!!) she is a bundle of energy and loves to spring on her toys and pounce on them!  She is a great little kitty and my kids and I have fallen in love with her!