We renamed Opie “BB King” on our way home from the shelter. He looked like a really Big Boy to us, and so regal silently peering out of the carrier. Now his name has morphed into Bubba.
Our Bubba is quite talkative with MEHs, MOWs and BRRTTs –  he always has something to say and will often reply when you ask him a question.
My favorite of his ‘tones’ is when he grunts MOW and it sounds reminiscent of Edward G Robinson – really funny, if a person knows who that is….
While the dude is super social and a door greeter, and adores being scritched, Bubs is not a fan of getting picked up – – I think it hurts his dignity or something. He will tolerate it , if we’re doing so to show him something interesting outside, so he can EKEKEK ( teeth chatter)! It’s pretty entertaining!
Bubba may be part dog, he is majorly ‘food motivated’  – which is a kind euphemism for begging like a pushy mooch —  but has been learning his manners regarding the kitchen table and OUR bowls.  And this cat reminds me of our angel Golden Retrievers — he will play for hours, if we keep going.  Whew!  Oh on that note, our vet says Bubba is not 5 years old, as everyone assumed.  She says “…he’s more like 3; or possibly even TWO!”  Well. That explains a lot! He’s still a growing boy!
We are retired and mostly homebodies, so Bubba follows us around as we do chores.  If we nap in the recliner, there he is, snoozing in one of his many Bubba beds (he is pretty spoiled). He has his chosen nighttime bed buddy, our son. So they get some cuddling in – – i think they both love it.
We all think this cat is fitting in nicely. He has lots of nicknames already.  Sir Bubba Mumford Longtail.  Bubba DeMoochie. Sir Lionnose of EK.  He is a fun character of a cat!