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Sorry for the late reply. We feel very fortunate to have adopted such a great kitty. She’s a sweetheart and has found her place in our home. We did not change her name. Overall, Mia is doing well! Loves Fancy Feast. Uses the litter box well. She likes to “talk” a lot. We get a kick out of her personality. She is used to our 10 year old springer Lizzy. It only took 2-3 days.

Adopting Mia was an easy, informative and cost effective process. Thank you for making it simple for us. We love our little girl Mia!

I attached a couple pics and a video. The video is our youngest son eating a donut before school on Halloween. Mia loves to jump on our shoulders while we are eating. Not a great habit. So we’ve been working to break her of it with a squirt bottle. But … it’s still pretty cute in the video.

Hope that helps.