Stray / At-Large Animals

If you find a stray dog or cat please contact HSBC directly at  715-349-2368 during hours operation. HSBC accepts all stray dogs of Burnett County, however we have limited spacing for cats.

If you find a stray animal outside of normal operating hours, please contact the Burnett County Sheriff's Department (715) 349-2121. The Sheriff will meet you at the shelter to assist with the delivery of the animal and the necessary paperwork.

Reclaiming a Lost Pet

If your pet has been brought to the safety of the HSBC shelter, a reclaim procedure dictated by Wisconsin State Statute #173.23 will be followed.

To reclaim your stray dog, proof of current rabies vaccination and current license requirements must be met. If neither of these are available, arrangements can be made before reclaiming your dog to satisfy these legal requirements. These requirements are not required to reclaim a cat.

A reclaim fee of $25.00 for initial arrival/intake and $20 per day for dogs, $10 per day for cats for each day after that, will be assessed on the day of pick-up. Additional fees may apply if extra veterinary expenses were incurred for your pet.  Reclaim fees will include the care given to your pet on the days HSBC is closed and reclaim fees are required for all dogs and cats.

HSBC can also provide microchipping at the time of pick up for your animal. Ask a staff person for more information.

If HSBC was ordered by law enforcement to pick up your dog an additional $20 fee will be charged.
HSBC does not pick up cats.