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Archive for July 2017


Hi. October 28, 2016 I adopted Nora. She is doing very well but I think she would like a “sister” to play with. I looked at your site and saw Freedom. Is she still available?

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July 5, 2017 Hi Pam – Just letting you know that Rollo is still doing good. I think he thinks he’s a dog, what a character. He sure doesn’t act like he’s 8 but Dr Tom said that’s about right. He needs his teeth cleaned but I haven’t scheduled it yet. Take care! June 14,…

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Ranger (Tyler)

I talked to Ranger’s new owner and she told me they were a little concerned when they first brought Ranger home to the farm because he wanted to chase the cattle. However, one day when he decided to get a little too close to a calf, he got kicked. That was the end of him…

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