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Archive for May 2019


We are doing fantastic! Roscoe is still Roscoe.The training collar & lots of love have worked wonders on leash manners. I almost don’t need the leash! The 1st pic shows how good he is when we run errands. He knows the ladies at the bank have treats for him. 2nd pic is him enjoying a “chewy”  he…

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I probably have a hundred pictures of him but I limited it to two. He is sweet, calm, playful, a real cuddler and purrs like crazy. In the picture of the other cat that he’s with that is my 18 year old bengal named Merlot and he is so kind to Merlot. Merlot has cancer…

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Mowgie (formally Chevy), or Mowgs as he is already affectionately known, is doing great in his new home! He loves napping on the couch, taking walks, and cuddling up with his stuffed pheasant! He’s also learning the ins and outs of living in a house as well as that not everything is as scary as…

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Rockie is doing great.  Such a sweet cat.  Loves to be outside adventuring.  One day she was bathing on our roof.  She does like to be combed.  I love her.

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Just wanted to let you know that we adore our new babies! They are doing great!!! We have had a few issues with them chasing deer and with Hugo running off and being gone for two nights during a blizzard (just a week after we adopted them). We nearly went insane looking for him. We went door to door…

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