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Archive for March 2018

Benjamin Bernard/Benny (Boris)

I had adopted Boris back in January. He is doing great in his new home! I have changed his name to Benjamin Bernard, but I just call just call him Benny. It took him and my cats some time to get along with each other. Now they are able to exist in a mostly peaceful…

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Thank you for inquiring about Izzy. She is adapting well to our family; she loves going on walks, going to the dog park, hanging with the fam, etc. I think our other dog, Hank, and her do a nice job of keeping one another active because at the end of the day, they are both…

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Dixie (Arwen)

Hi Pam! Thanks for reaching out! Our little girl was originally name Arwen but we changed her name to Dixie. She is doing really great! She’s picked up really well on house-training and very seldom has accidents anymore. She’s learned sit, stay, come, out of the room (we don’t let her in the dining room…

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Ruger (Ticker)

Hello! We changed his name to Ruger. He is a sweet boy and we are happy to have him. He loves his walks, cuddling, trips to the dog park and to play with his friend Jack (my parent’s lab). He was diagnosed with lymes disease. He just had surgery about 2 weeks ago on an…

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