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Archive for April 2019


This is Pam … A volunteer from the HSBC. I spoke with Sweet Pea’s new “Mom” (Virginia) and got an update. Sweet Pea is the perfect pet for Virginia. She is a very lovable cat. Virginia’s a reader and when she sits down to read, Sweet Pea joins her in her lap. Sweet Pea has…

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I adopted Fred AND Ethel who are now named Tiger and Lily. They were very timid and spent the first week hiding in our basement. Now they practically run the house. Tiger is such a mischievous little guy and gets into EVETYTHING. Lily is so sweet and still a little shy but she sure does love to play and…

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Hi pamela, Laura Croft is now Sassy as she likes to talk back all the time (so knew name fits her well)! Oakley & her are coming along slowly but surely. Still dealing with the potty training, Sassy doing pretty good, Oakley still a struggle!! I’m hoping she’ll get it one day so she’ll be…

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Sampson and Delilah are doing wonderful! I’ve been in constant contact with Peggy so I apologize I haven’t gotten back to you. I did meet with her a week ago regarding them and she was going to look into volunteers to walk them daily. The only issue we have had is the accidents in the…

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Good morning. We have thoroughly been enjoying having Maximus in our family. Max has brought us such great joy. We have not changed his name we kept it Maximus. Elsa our other dog has taken to Max in a great way, however Max has learned when he has pushed her a little too far and…

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