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Archive for January 2020


Dobbie is doing very good ! Have to say the most well behaved dog we have ever owned. He enjoys lots of attention and going for walks. We kept his name as Dobbie. Still have to work on getting him to go in a car. He has some fear, I’m sure from his past life.…

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Cooper has been a wonderful addition to our family! He has adjusted great and seems to be very happy. We sure are! He absolutely loves other dogs, so we try to make it to the dog park a couple times a week. He sure loves to run!

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We just recently adopted MJ. We decided to keep her name. A month or so before we adopted Oreo (Lady). MJ was very lovable to people right away and loved her new home but didn’t want anything to do with Oreo. Thankfully Oreo is very persistent! I think she was just so grateful to have…

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Hi there! Chickie is doing great in our home. It took a couple days for her to warm up to my son and I but now she shows no shame begging for pets and scratches. She tales residence on my son’s or my bed when we’re not home and comes trotting to the door when we…

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Good morning! We adopted Wendell and changed her name to Maizy, also known as Crazy Maizy! We couldn’t love her more! She has fit right in with our 7 month old Cat named Nala and they have become the best of friends.

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