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Archive for June 2019


Thank you for following up with George. We are very happy to have George! He is gorgeous! We love him a lot. He became friends with our husky Chief. They play together, sleep together. Sometimes I think that I got another dog to our family. My senior cat is ok with George but prefers not…

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Phil is doing amazing.  He loves his new home and loves to be spoiled.  He fit in perfect.

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Hi Pam everything is great with Sam and Del. They have adjusted very well to their new home. It’s been an adventure learning their true personalities! Thank you so much for the opportunity to give them the forever home they deserve.

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Hi, Pam! I apologize for the very late reply. I switched emails so I just realized you sent this message to my former email address. I’m so sorry!! Donna (now referred to as Belvie!) is doing wonderfully. She’s a year and a month old now, and she loves to snuggle, run around frantically, knock everything…

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Rosie’s doing great! She’s come a long way and is now a cuddle buddy and a wonderful pet. Here are some photos of her hanging out, her personality really shows.  

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