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Archive for August 2021


I have been so overjoyed that Sherman (formerly “Hiccup”) chose us to be his family – he is an incredible dog! We have had him just over three months, and it seems every day our love grows for him. He is learning what “toys” are and became a faster learner on what it means to retrieve sticks…

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First Email: Good Evening!!! Just wanted to let you all know that CHILI will Not be coming back to you. He is Awesome, and is doing VERY well here with us. The Tip about kenneling him while we’re gone was a Great One….because I think he would have some issues with anxiety when let here…

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Hi, Domino previously Chandler is doing great! Still has a nervous pee and is not fond of car rides but is slowly deciding that maybe it’s not so bad. He enjoys walking the woods and checking the trail cams. Domino has befriended the chickens without ever trying to eat one . He is very cuddly…

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Freida and Arnie are doing great. They are spayed and neutered and got their last series of shots. I will not be looking for the $100.00 to be sent back to me. Please consider it a donation – but I’m assuming you might want to note that they have been spayed/neutered. They’re adorable and love San Diego!…

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I could not get the neutering done on Colin AKA Buster through your sister shelter. I have to go to St. Cloud on the 27th to have it done or wait almost till Christmas. I still need his rabies and the second distemper shot and need it done soon. Any suggestions on where to go? My vet wants…

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