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Archive for November 2021


We have adopted Blaze. He is doing well and likes to be center stage. He always has someone ready to play with him at our house! He does manage to get into mischief sometimes, but our three boys know how to wear him out!

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Hi there. I adopted Mona and Lisa (now Chloe and Ellie). They are doing wonderful. I’m so glad I was able to adopt them. I love them to pieces.

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Lady is doing absolutely great! She is greatly loved by all of us. Her name has remained Lady.

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Thanks for your email. Lammy is doing great! She’s still a pretty tubby girl, but we’ll continue to work on it. She absolutely LOVES her laser pointer and will really rip around the living room! Our daughter, Maisie, and Lammy get along pretty well. Lammy has taught her about being gentle, though sometimes she still…

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