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Archive for March 2021


Hello! Fiona (formerly Mavis) and Gibson (formerly Davis) are doing wonderful! They are an absolute joy and such a nice addition to our family. They are so fun to watch play! They are also getting along well with the other 2 cats we have. We simply adore them! Look at how beautiful Fiona is hanging…

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Arabella is thriving here! She is trying to get along with my other cat (also 14 years old) and doing very well! Arabella was very underweight when we brought her home and she has already gained a few small ounces!  Her fur was severely matted, but we were able to remove all of her matts and are waiting…

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You probably didn’t know, but I’m the treasurer for HSBC and I was fostering these two sets of kittens. So they are all foster fails! We changed Bread’s name to Spice; the rest stayed the same. Couldn’t be happier with our new toddlers!

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Honey whose name was Wolfette is adjusting well in her new home. She loves to go for walks and with the help of a gentle leader she is pulling much less. Enjoys meeting new friends at the dog park and she gets lots of compliments on her curly tail there. She sometimes forgets her size…

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