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Archive for January 2021


Reuben (renamed Charlie) is a delightful, loving and playful cat. I adore him. He cuddles with me throughout the day, which I love. My whole experience with the Humane Society of Burnett County has been nothing but positive and I can’t say enough about it. Charlie can play rough and today he bit me and…

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Good afternoon Pam. We have had Kai for approximately 3 weeks now and we love him! When we first met Kai he was very shy, especially around me. He bonded with my wife right away. However, within a week or two he followed us everywhere and has become a wild man. He loves the snow and loves…

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I am absolutely in love with Dexter! (previous name Newt). Dexter loves his new home! He’s such a sweetheart! He loves to play and follow me around while I complete my daily routine; he also enjoys sitting on the window sills and napping on my chest. He’s super cuddly. I’m so happy that I was…

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Beans is now called Beanie and she is GREAT! It took her a few days to get acclimated to a new home but now she’s content and comfortable in her surroundings. She’s very cuddly, interactive, actually plays fetch with her favorite sparkly ball, and is just overall a gem. We’re having a blast with her…

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