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Archive for April 2021


Thanks for following up, I was remiss in not answering earlier! Otis is a wonderful addition to our family. We all, including our dogs, absolutely adore him. Thanks for checking in!

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Nancy, who is now Snort, is adapting. We are following the 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months sign. In 3 days she finally trusted us and figured out we weren’t leaving. In 3 weeks we had a routine down but it felt like bringing home a new baby and wasn’t easy. Now we are hoping in 3 months…

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Hi Pam she’s doing great. Her name is now Abby and she’s quite the lover of the family. Overall her health is great. She has a chipped K9 tooth that we’re in. The process saving for to get removed and she needs some dental cleaning but otherwise she’s great. Still pretty needy and needs lots…

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Sundance, we kept the name, is a very vocal and loving kitty. He loves to snuggle and I know he loves my daughter by the way he interacts with her. He will bury his head into her and purr. At first, he and the other cat we have were not good roommates, but now they…

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