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Archive for November 2019


Olive is doing fantastic! It took her a week or so to settle in but she has certainly made herself at home now! She went from a scared, timid girl who didn’t seem to know how to play and needed a lot of encouragement and coaxing to a bundle of energy who loves to play…

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I’ve been thinking about this email and getting back to you!  Busy life. Sampson is doing great in our home.  He is a big happy dog, and does well at home while we are away at work and school. We have learned that the garbage goes in the bathroom with the door closed while we…

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Sorry for the late reply. We feel very fortunate to have adopted such a great kitty. She’s a sweetheart and has found her place in our home. We did not change her name. Overall, Mia is doing well! Loves Fancy Feast. Uses the litter box well. She likes to “talk” a lot. We get a kick…

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