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Archive for April 2022


Hi! She is amazing! My kids absolutely adore her and she is entirely spoiled rotten! We did leave her name and my daughter calls her “keeks.” She has been an amazing addition to our home and is so very loved!

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Hi! We have changed his name from Bubba to Benji. He has really come out of his shell recently! He’s very cuddly and loves everyone. We’re very lucky to have him!

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Hi Pam Jay is doing are some pictures.

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Hi Pam. Sorry this took so long, I tend to procrastinate. Dozer, who is now known as Romeo, is doing great. Monday will be his 5 month birthday, and he’s currently around 50 pounds and still growing like a weed! He’s learning quickly and mostly well-behaved (he IS still a puppy). He loves everyone, especially…

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Roz, formally Mama Cat, settled in quite well. She loves to just sit on me and sleep. She doesn’t like her nails clipped and they’re like needles. And she loves to chase my toes under the covers and sink those “needles” into them. Emmitt, formally Tiger, is VERY shy. He likes me and is very friendly and playful with me. But…

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