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Talulah May (Talulah)

Talulah is amazing she is truly a wonderful cat. We didn’t change her name but added a middle one we call her Talulah May. And she is still wearing her beautiful collar her previous owner gave her. She has made herself right at home, and pretty much does as she pleases when she pleases. You…

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Winifred (Aries)

We renamed Aires & her name is Winifred. We call her Winnie. She is just a doll. Such an active & energetic adolescent kitty. Winnie is very bonded to us & to our 3 dogs as well. Everyone gets along. Our challenges are getting scratching of furniture under control & she persists at trying to…

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Hello! I adopted “Caleb” in November. We have renamed him Chester. He is fitting in nicely with the family. He is a funny little guys that loves attention. Thanks for checking in on us.

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