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Archive for January 2019


Things are going great! Fonzie has been renamed Salem. He is a spunky kitten who does not like to be held and is always on the move. He has adjusted perfectly.

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I apologize for forgetting to respond to your original email. Bell Bosco is doing great. She has been a super addition to our house and is growing like crazy. I attached a more recent picture of her snuggling with our son.

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Sorry that it has taken a while to reply back about miss Stella. My husband isn’t the best about replying to emails so he forwarded the message to me. Stella is a very interesting cat and like no one we’ve had before. She has this incredible tolerance for our four year old daughter, Cecilia. Ceci…

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Her name is now changed to BAILEY.  She is doing great, gets along great with the cows and other animals.  We are still working on the chickens, she does think they are fun.

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I’m sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Since we adopted Kevin (aka Squanchy) he has brought nothing but joy to our lives. He and his older brother Ned have become inseparable. The girls don’t even mind him. He loves to play and get into things. When we got our Christmas…

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