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Archive for July 2020


Gunny is doing amazingly well after only a month. In fact, the humans are having challenges adjusting to such a laid-back dog! Gunny is not a morning dog at all – we often have to coax him out of the bedroom only to have him snooze another hour on the couch before he’s interested in…

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We kept Maple’s name to avoid any family arguments trying to decide on a new name! Maple is a furry ball of craziness who fits right in with our other fur babies. She loves to play and finds interesting places to take her naps. She has been a joy to our family!

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Big Boi is great. He’s fit right in and loves everyone. He also has his own Instagram: Big_Boi_the_cat_ He also loves sitting at the island when we’re cooking.

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That is sweet of you to check in. We change LT’s name to Sen and she has settled in so well! She is super playful and loves to cuddle and has been adjusting to the other animals in the house well. I have attached a recent picture of her cuddling with my other cat.

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Hello! We adopted Chance on June 5th. We actually did change his name to Captain Peter Flint. We thought we’d call him Captain for short. Mostly we just call him “kitty.” He is adored by everyone in our home. He is quite gentle and good with the kids. They all play together until kitty is…

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