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Archive for April 2017

Byrdy (Lady Bug)

Hi Pam, my name is **** and I am one of the Animal Behavioral Specialists at HSBC. I was working when Lady Bug came in and within 1 hour I told Emily that I wanted her. I think I told her 3 more times that day. The next day I was all over Cheri about…

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Sophie (Cocoa)

Sophie (formerly known as Cocoa) is doing well overall – affectionate with the humans and slowly warming up to the other cats in the house. She’s very quirky but lovable (in the picture, she’s staring down the chair that she hisses at now and then), just like the other cats and humans she now lives…

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I spoke to Ginger’s owner and she said that Ginger is one spunky little cat, but they love her. Her favorite toy is wine bottle corks that she can bat around the house and down the stairs. She makes up her own games and own entertainment. Ginger loves looking out of the floor to ceiling…

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